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  1. bitzy21ro

    Newbie Marketer here

    Hey there folks, I am a newbie here. I want to get in the business of buying and selling traffic to affiliate networks, however I do not have a website or any other "digital property". Could someone point me to some good sources where I can buy some traffic? Maybe some tips on what to look...
  2. ActionAds

    ActionAds - effective platform for ad campaign

    We provide universal tracking and promotion software for managing, automating and optimizing your Facebook marketing campaigns. Check our web for Free trial -
  3. Master Mind Secrets

    What The Best Traffic and cheap Network?

    Hello, i Have a simple question about promoting CPA Bizz Opp and Make Money Online offers, and i want to know What The Best Traffic and cheap Network?
  4. Ronak Dervaliya

    Buy Traffic?? Best Traffic Source For Dating Offer?

    Hi everyone . I want to Buy Traffic. I want to Know Which Is Best Traffic source For Dating Offer?. I recently Tested JuicyAds And Result Was ROI -50%. Amy Knows Which Is good Traffic Source For Dating Offers
  5. Md Mostafizur Rahman

    What are the targeted traffic sources for affiliate marketing?

    i know some traffic methods. but i want to know the best effective methods for getting sale or lead.
  6. eltrafficguru

    Selling Traffic Need Traffic? Target House-hold IP's

    Hey guys...! For some background...our technology targets the house-hold IP address and serves your display ads through our proprietary platform. What we offer is simple, an easy to use interface and access to traffic without bots. What is needed: List of physical home addresses you want to...
  7. Krishan Kumar

    I'm Krishna, Blogger since a long time, Starting in CPA

    Hi there, I'm a Blogger since 4 year, till now I've been doing Blogging on various niches and making fine money ($2-5K/month) with Google Adsense and some other Ad networks. I've good knowledge of SEO, Hosting, Servers, Content, backlinking and all stuff. Now I'm getting into CPA totally. I'm...
  8. Janice Long

    Professional Traffic Platform looking for advertisers!

    Always look for superior advertisers around the world!
  9. I

    New member. First post.

    Hi, everyone. My name is Paul K. I joined this forum to offer pop-up traffic for desktop and mobile devices. Bidding starts at a low $0.005 per view, and targeting options are plenty.
  10. S

    Buying Traffic Can any one let me know the good and relevant ad networks or traffic(non adult) source for India Geo

    Hi All, I want to use paid traffic to our website drive conversion. Can any one tell me different different ad types with ad platforms or traffic sources for india geo?