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  1. jowel

    Announcement Many new affiliate programs and Ad networks added

    We have added new affiliate programs and advertising networks to the Nifty Stats database. We constantly want to improve Nifty Stats, so we update it very often. You can also track these affiliate programs and advertising networks: Rocket Gate, Bet Bonanza, Betflip .io, True Flip Affiliates...
  2. L

    Thanks for Adding me |New to Affiliate

    Hi Hustler, Thanks for adding me in this forum! I just started my journey in this realm and hoping to learn from this community. I might have a very elementary question and would appreciate any direction. To start with I'm thinking of running paid ads especially FB Thanks Lama
  3. T

    Beginner's/Newbie Dilemma

    I've read countless blogs, followed a few "super" affiliates and essentially soaked up as much knowledge as I possibly could over the past year. (You can never stop learning, right?) The truth is no matter how much you read, you will never succeed if you're not taking action. It's common sense...
  4. T

    Tracking system for mobile CPA affiliate network?

    Hello all! We're keen on starting mobile CPA affiliate network, which will require tracking system; the tracking system that we're looking for should meet the following requirements: 1) Easy to use, precise, advanced technologically and gives insights on traffic received (such as: Carrier and...
  5. jowel

    Looking For testers for affiliate tracking software

    Hi all, we are looking for beta testers for our affiliate tracking software Nifty Stats . If you are interested pls. send us request via our support form Contact Us | Nifty stats - Get nifty access to your affiliate stats & PPC Campaigns Thank you
  6. Phill AdsBridge

    Review NEW! "OneLink" technology to build SmartLinks platforms.

    Let’s talk “smart” Smartlinks are the best way to ensure a smooth user journey towards conversion. They engage and lead the audience through various paths to highly relevant offer. Let’s say a user clicks on your app but it’s not there due to incorrect device or geo. If you set a smart link, it...
  7. Maxim Denisov

    Start new year with good news from BeMob!

    The 2016 year is about to end in some days. So we want the AffiliateFix Members to be first to know our good news. As far as you remember BeMob has the Basic Plan which provides access to the free use of our tracker for unlimited period of time. We have decided to leave the Basic Plan for the...
  8. clickBakers

    How to make your newsletter effective?

    Hi, create an effective newsletter campaign is not always easy, right? We put together 5 basic rules to make your newsletter catchy and helpful to bring the best conversation rate. These are the basic principles: 1. Newsletter set up- think about your audience and the goal you want to achieve...
  9. Z

    Retargeting Basics with AdsBridge

    What is retargeting, and how can it help you increase conversion rates? Just like any internet user, you have probably seen online advertisements for items that you recently searched for. You may think that you are being watched or followed. If so, you are right! This type of marketing strategy...
  10. Susan

    What is your favorite affiliate blog topic?

    Hi! What are your favorite blog topics you usually looking for or would you like to read but is difficult to find valuable information? Let me know your opinion! ;)
  11. Z

    Announcement AdsBridge Black Friday Sale Extended

    Hello all! We have extended our Black Friday sale until midnight tonight! It's a 50% off discount on any annual plans. The promo code is : Friday50 Our blog post explains all the details :) AdsBridge is Celebrating Black Friday! Have a wonderful and productive Monday! -Zach
  12. Susan

    Meet clickBakers at AWAsia in Bangkok!

    Hi! clickBakers is coming to AWAsia in Bangkok 5-6 December 2016 and on this occasion we'd like to invite you to stop by our booth A15. We advise you to book a meeting with our product manager if you want to know more about the Affiliate Traffic Management! Also, don't miss a chance to win one...
  13. Bill Kris

    Some questions about tracking platform

    Hi, I have just started my affiliate network, Coolmobi. I am seeking for a tracking platform with low cost because my budget is limited, and someone has recommended me Offerslook. Is this platform newbie-friendly? Has anyone used this platform before? Are there any other tracking platforms...
  14. Z

    Opinion Wanted!

    Hi everybody! What are your most favourite + least favourite things about tracking softwares (any of them)? What expectations do they meet/not meet? What features do you like/dislike? What should be added? Your input would be most appreciated! -Zach
  15. A

    AdsBridge FAQs are now live

    Hello all! We now have an amazing resource available for our Frequently Asked Questions. They are available in both English and Russian. There's a lot of information, so you're bound to find some specific answers you may have. Enjoy! -The AdsBridge Team
  16. Scaleo

    SCALEO - Affordable Affiliate Tracking Software

    Hey there, since this is about, how to start, manage and run an affiliate programm or network, i would like to take the opportunity and introduce you to our Affiliate Tracking Solution "SCALEO" When we started developing SCALEO, the situation was like it is today. There are many cool Affiliate...