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  1. jowel

    Announcement Hot Autumn - new affiliate programs added

    Nifty Stats: Summer is over, autumn is here and news from us is coming. We have added a lot of affiliate programs of different niche, don't forget to check which ones, here is a short list: Bambet Partners API, Bet And Play Affiliates API, Betchain Affiliates API, Bitdreams Affiliates API...
  2. jowel

    Announcement We added ad networks and affiliate programs that you can track

    Hi, Nifty Stats has another update, every day we focus on adding ad networks and affiliate programs. In this update you will find programs and ad networks from various business categories. Check out which ad networks and aff. programs Nifty Stats supports: Gasm, Buzz Bingo, Payday Slots...
  3. JonathanB

    Tracking Software Confusion - HELP?

    Hi everyone! I'm new to affiliate marketing and want to launch my first campaign this week. I have a very supportive AM and an offer that seems to be "newbie friendly". Info about the campaign: Offer: Simple Lead Gen (user must fill out a form) Traffic source: Facebook, US-Only Landing Page...
  4. alrey91

    How to Lower the Cost of CPC on Bing Ads

    Hello, I have a Bing PPC campaign running to a pre-sell landing page which then directs them to the Clickbank offer. So far, I am getting sales but I am breaking even or slightly on the negative side. I have very good CTR's, the campaign has a 4.36% CTR. My question is how do I lower the...
  5. mobile99

    Best tracker?

    voluum, cpvlab, imobitrax, adsbridge, thrive, prosper202 when i have a lot of options, i get indecisive and don't know what to do. which one of them do most super affiliates use?