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  1. jowel

    Announcement Hot Autumn - new affiliate programs added

    Nifty Stats: Summer is over, autumn is here and news from us is coming. We have added a lot of affiliate programs of different niche, don't forget to check which ones, here is a short list: Bambet Partners API, Bet And Play Affiliates API, Betchain Affiliates API, Bitdreams Affiliates API...
  2. tbe2077

    How do you setup postback for affiliates?

    Hi there, I have an in-house affiliate program that is running right now. When new affiliates sign up for my affiliate program. They are asking Postback from me. How do I give it to them? I'm using iDevAffiliate system for the affiliate management system. Even if I want to integrate with...
  3. karenlinda

    How can I track my affiliate links?

    Recently, I start to an affiliate program in ShareAsale and Awin. I find there are some reports and metrics. But I am puzzled. How can I track my affiliate links and how to know where my affiliate links are used. That means, if one affiliate use my affiliate links, which page do he use these...
  4. georgetheartseller

    Is there a way to have my affiliate sales in google analytics?

    Hey guys, I've been running affiliate for some time now and I was wondering if you guys use any tool that can track send your affiliate sales to google analytics? I currently use a service to get reports from all networks in one place but been researching this topic and would love to hear if...
  5. jowel

    Announcement New beta version of Nifty Stats

    Hi all, We are constantly working to improve Nifty Stats to make our affiliate and Ad tracking software a real number one for you. Today we bring you a new beta version. You can try out the new features...
  6. B

    Ask Me Anything affiliate CRM & campaigns software advise

    I am trying to find a software platform that can deliver both CRM huge database of contacts that need to be filtered to suite certain campaign parameters. as well as have the ability to monitor through tracking links, campaigns on multiple affiliate sites. Anyone's advise or direction in...
  7. jowel

    Announcement 2021 new update of affiliate programs and Ad networks

    Hi all, We bring you several affiliate programs, Ad networks and payment systems that you can track in Nifty Stats. It's just a small part of what all Nifty Stats supports: Strip Cash API, Braz Partners, Feeliate API, Casino Partners 365, BetPat Partners, Bitcoin Games Affiliates, Whale...
  8. Steve @ Voluum

    PowerAff by Voluum: new tool for managing affiliate programs and networks

    Hi all, I have been quieter than normal about what our team was up to lately. Well, the waiting period is over as I can finally announce what’s coming: PowerAff by Voluum is now in beta and you can be among its first testers! What is PowerAff you may ask. PowerAff is designed to be a...
  9. jowel

    Announcement We added ad networks and affiliate programs that you can track

    Hi, Nifty Stats has another update, every day we focus on adding ad networks and affiliate programs. In this update you will find programs and ad networks from various business categories. Check out which ad networks and aff. programs Nifty Stats supports: Gasm, Buzz Bingo, Payday Slots...
  10. jowel

    Announcement Many new affiliate programs and Ad networks added

    We have added new affiliate programs and advertising networks to the Nifty Stats database. We constantly want to improve Nifty Stats, so we update it very often. You can also track these affiliate programs and advertising networks: Rocket Gate, Bet Bonanza, Betflip .io, True Flip Affiliates...
  11. jowel

    Announcement New affiliate programs have been added into Nifty Stats

    Dear users, We are constantly adding new affiliate programs to Nifty Stats, this month so far: Pinstripe Cash, Cashimashi, Lightning Bolt Media, Lucky Days Affiliates, Betting Partners API, Bang API, Banggood, Paul Raymond Affiliates, Mucho Vegas Affiliate Platform, The Greek, Fuse Affs (RTG)...
  12. K

    Track Intent Media Publisher ID with Ringba

    If you have experience how to track Intent Media publisher ID with Ringba, please help. Can I track calls with Ringba? I am interested in from which segment this traffic comes from and how it converts?
  13. Phill AdsBridge

    New HOT feature from AdsBridge: Traffic Monetization

    Track and monetize the traffic usually looks like work with several tools. AdsBridge Team has been working extremely hard to effectively give users a new functionality - “Traffic Monetization” We know that this may sound strange, but now the system distributes automatically all your incoming...
  14. jowel

    Announcement New affiliate programs have been added into Nifty Stats!

    Dear users, We are constantly adding new affiliate programs to Nifty Stats, this month so far: Joaffs Marketing Sources, Playamo Partners, Masters Bet, 1×2-bet, Synot Tip, Wager Partner, SchnellWetten, Nairabet, Split Aces Affiliates, Fetischblick API (Iconceptmedia), API, Volt...
  15. Andre Houston

    Which Click Tracking software you guys use?

    What's your favorite "Tracker" software? may i ask why you use it? Is it pricing, limits, product plans..?? Your feedback is much appreciated. Have a wonderful day/night.
  16. jowel

    New affiliate programs have been added into Nifty Stats

    Dear users, We are constantly adding new affiliate programs to Nifty Stats, this month so far: Turbo Casino, C3pa Publisher, Flirt Cash, Gym Partners, Nerdy Dollars, PopCash Advertiser API, Untold Casino, Find Bride, armstrong affiliates, niteflirt, la france a poil, wyylde (netech), redaptive...
  17. jowel

    Affiliates Wanted for affiliate stats tracking software

    Looking for affiliates! Promote Nifty Stats on your website and get paid for it. Get 20.00% commission on every sale you refer INCLUDING REBILLS! What is Nifty Stats ? Nifty Stats is a desktop utility, which automatically in regular intervals downloads the stats from your affiliate programs...