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  1. aodaili

    Ask Me Anything Looking for the project teams who want to promote their coins!

    I’m Shirley from CoinLean. This is a new platform for advertising crypto coins. It’s free without any cost to list your token. We are constantly growing and have traffic of 20-40k visitors per day. Do you want me to add your token to there? please Dm me to list Telegram:@SJ0618
  2. Graybeard

    Mastermind Facebook Libra Cryptocurrency?

    FarseBook's corpocratic digital currency ... There is no consensus here only autocratic corporate policy -- Libra is a token or scrip (marker) and nothing more. Will it matter? there may be some millions real users of Fakebook that may use it Libra is under scrutiny by world governments and...
  3. O

    What is a placement in push notification traffic sources?

    Ok, so this one is bugging me for some time now and i was unable to find the detailed answer, i come from the pops and native ads traffic and its perfectly understandable that in that traffic type, placement (or site id, or source) is a website where the ad is shown. But what about push? its...
  4. Elad Cohen

    How to setup Voluum (how to plug in the Tokens on the postback URL)

    Hi, i am having really hard time understanding how to implement the postback url. how do i know what Tokens to replace when i plug-in the URL on the affiliate network platform? could you find any good tutorial about "how to replace tokens"? Best, Elad
  5. medvih


    Hi there, I am currently setting up my first campaign and I have a question. I would like to know how to setup tokens for my campaign. I am using Popads as the traffic source. Here is the link: Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet Thanks