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  1. Youssef_oukassi


    My profession is my languages skills i will translate any type of docoument or video from english to arabic or french and vice versa i need help to get hired so i would appreciate it if you know someone who is seeking this service please inform and thank you
  2. Steve @ Voluum

    Honest redirect speed test [Adsbridge, Bemob, Kintura, RedTrack, Thrive, Voluum]

    If you are curious about the test results but don’t care about the methodology and factors involved, here’s the TL;DR version: We have decided to test our tracker’s redirect speed using an external tool, and then compare it to other trackers’ speed. Here are the results: we came on top in...
  3. R

    Question regarding server/tracking

    Hello, I'm in the process of getting into mobile marketing and have a question regarding my server/tracking. I'm undecided whether to go with a self-hosted tracking solution or one in the cloud. I plan on hosting my landing pages on a CDN so that's covered. If I'm able to get a VPS in the...
  4. M

    Voluum and Thrive - Stat Collecting

    Hi everyone, I hope someone can assist, I am looking to setup an efficient way to monitor stats on my website. This would include the date and time a visitor arrived and time taken for page to load You see, a most recent campaign struggled due to number of lost visitors, this could be down to...
  5. mobile99

    Best tracker?

    voluum, cpvlab, imobitrax, adsbridge, thrive, prosper202 when i have a lot of options, i get indecisive and don't know what to do. which one of them do most super affiliates use?