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testing offers

  1. Keitaro

    Tips on How to Retest Your Offers

    With our partner, CPARK affiliate network, we have prepared special tips for you on how to retest your offers. After all, testing is great, but retesting is everything. You should always check your campaign, find the weak places, and strengthen them. But how are you supposed to figure out that...
  2. BonesawMcGraw

    Guide for testing

    Hi all, Like most newbs, I thought my ads would rock and started using paid traffic while adjusting my ad on the fly. I realize that a more structured plan should be used going forward. I'm having a hard time finding any examples of how to best lay out your campaign before testing. In...
  3. dezo0013

    offers for europe untargeted list

    Hi guys ! can somone suggest me any category of offers that can perform well on a europe untargeted list? or we keep testing :D thamks !
  4. affiliatelk

    How to test my campaign before its live ?

    Hi, I have some question during to test the campaign before its live. How much budget will I allocate for each test? How long will I run test for? What are some rules for cutting landers, placements, offers ect ? Thanks