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testing offers

  1. BonesawMcGraw

    Guide for testing

    Hi all, Like most newbs, I thought my ads would rock and started using paid traffic while adjusting my ad on the fly. I realize that a more structured plan should be used going forward. I'm having a hard time finding any examples of how to best lay out your campaign before testing. In...
  2. dezo0013

    offers for europe untargeted list

    Hi guys ! can somone suggest me any category of offers that can perform well on a europe untargeted list? or we keep testing :D thamks !
  3. affiliatelk

    How to test my campaign before its live ?

    Hi, I have some question during to test the campaign before its live. How much budget will I allocate for each test? How long will I run test for? What are some rules for cutting landers, placements, offers ect ? Thanks