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  1. Honeybadger

    Video --> How can you escape quicksand?

    This is a short video about how to survive quicksand Might save your life one day! Not surprisingly it's had 24 million views Sound quality is distorted by wind (turn on subs)
  2. Quirin

    Payout models for different traffic

    Hi There, do you really know your websites visitors? Did you know it has an massive impact on your revenues? Different payout models are important for differnt traffic. If your users want to get to know a product for free, CPL would be the choice. If they already know a product and just want a...
  3. RaeeA

    NeWants Elite Members Program - Not Your Typical Affiliate Group

    Hello! My name is Raee and I’m currently an affiliate member for NeWants, a new tech start-up funded by Bluefly. NeWants is an e-commerce startup that offers the best-selling tech gadgets and lifestyle products on the market at the lowest prices. By using crowdfunding, NeWants decentralizes...
  4. ameerzad

    How Long It Takes To Startup A Tech Affiliate Site??

    Hello I'm kinda new in this affiliate marketing field. But I'm a tech guy, doing web design and dev for 5+yrs I'd like to understand a breakdown of the above Question I've asked -- How Long It Takes To Startup A Tech Affiliate Site?? If I startup a Wordpress help and guide site, will I be able...