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  1. YeezyPay

    How to save 20% off your Google Ads budget: VAT tax is no longer a problem

    Hi everyone! Today, we have some important information to share with you that can help you save a lot of money on your advertising budget. We will discuss the troublesome VAT tax in Google Ads that affects very many advertisers and provide tips on how to avoid it. The need to pay VAT depends...
  2. 100kinvesting

    Preparing for the future, now.

    Many of you are looking to start your own business, maybe just as an independent contractor. There are also those of you that are successful with your ventures. Now, what are you doing, to prepare for the future? Since you're "self employed," you probably don't have a 401k, or similar? If you...
  3. 100kinvesting

    Taxes and affiliate marketers outside the US?

    Greetings all! I was wondering about a couple of tax related questions, regarding "non resident aliens," as the IRS defines them. So, if I have an affiliate program, and people outside of the US want to promote my affiliate products, how does that work, on taxes. The affiliates would not be...
  4. S

    Do I need a company to do Facebook Marketing or Adwords?

    Hello, So I have searched online but I didn't find anything useful. Do I need to start a company in order to do Facebook Marketing or use AdWords? If not, do I have to pay some taxes? Thanks in advance for the reply!
  5. MrPRinson

    inexperience tax collection

    Hi guys, Just wondering whether anyone has any experience with tax collection on an international eCommerce site? my domains are hosted in the europe and most of my income comes from US customers. I should mention that I am not incorporated and do not have my business name registered. Who do I...
  6. D


    Hi! In affiliate programs such as PayHip and PayLoadz, who is responsible for reporting commission earned to the IRS? Thank you! Dr. T