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  1. Matt Jensen

    [CASE STUDY] Buying My Way To Traffic For My New Affiliate Site

    Hello guys! I tried my first affiliate site when I was 16. Half a year after I created the page I gave up as I didn't see many results. I made no money. Over the last 11 years I have tried a few times again, without any luck. Once I created a page where I let the domain expire. After it had...
  2. Shourove saha

    YouTube Traffic For Working On Pay Per Call ?

    Hello Does anyone use to youtube for pay per call? It's working to generate targeted calls? Its effected for pay per call? Can anyone help me? Thanks.
  3. Navid

    What offer should I run on some adult sites with 80% search traffic?

    Hey guys. I've some adult sites (several geos) that get around 75%+ of their traffic from search (used similarweb to double check the data). What type of offers do you recommend on such sites? On adult sites, is it best to use pre-landers or send directly to offer page? If I target these site...
  4. Lisa_trafficshop

    Hello from Trafficshop

    Hi everybody, I am Alisya, I am here to represent Trafficshop,an online adult traffic broker. We have been in the traffic business since 2009.We've built our network of publishers since then and now successfully buying and selling traffic through our self serve platform. As an experienced ad...