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  1. Honeybadger

    Ask Me Anything Google SEO Podcast (Jan 22) Notes for Affiliates

    Google posted its weekly SEO podcast went out yesterday from Switzerland here is the video and my notes for affiliate publishers Internal affiliate webpage links carry the same weight on different parts of a web page Affiliates who publish paid links on webpages - even millions of paid...
  2. vickhoff

    Belgium & JAPAN traffic

    Hello helpies iam still looking for belgium & JP adult traffic, if someone have real traffic , pls help me tried many netwokrs, but no or very less output. i can make the payment daily for trafic. if there is any real webmaster pls do help me.
  3. 1_Silver_3

    Hey Afillionados :-)

    I've been reading this forum for quite a while now and recently set up an account. So: Hello to you all. :-) I'm totally new to affiliate marketing and keen to get started with CPA. But, I'm not totally new to marketing. I have a strong advertising background as an awarded copywriter. I mostly...
  4. YTZ International

    Affiliates Wanted Hurry and get these 2 CPL offers with exclusive rates NOW!

    Hurry up and get these 2 offers with EXCLUSIVE rates & prize options! Get one of these brand new campaigns for your traffic! This week we are featuring two CPL campaigns that include exclusive rates, different prize options AND landing page options (Direct & Browser Survey). These offers are...
  5. Daria_WapEmpire

    Affiliates Wanted Last chance to promote 1-wap-click for Switzerland!

    Hey fixers! Some of you must already know that there begins the last week when Swisscom carrier allows 1-wap-click flow. For you to not miss this last chance, we've bumped up the payout to $32.00! CH YourPorns CH YourPorns Play CH PornsHub What those offers or even more of the...
  6. O

    Buying Traffic Need German Traffic;HIGH CPA

    Hi, OptionWeb Affiliate Program. Welcome to the OptionWeb affiliate platform. Detailed and precise to answer your needs, ergonomic to ease your path, take your first steps in an innovative universe custom made just for you... Easy, due to its parity system, effective and quick, you are not...