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  1. Affilight Bear

    Affi from Affilight

    Hello! Let me introduce myself! My name is Affi and I represent Affilight Network. I’m here for two reasons. First of all, answer all your questions concerning our product and assist you in solving issues connected with Affilight. Secondly, tell you more about our network, which, by the way...
  2. Rizwan Mirza

    Support How can i change my display name here on AffiliateFix?

    I do not see any option to change my display name. Is it even possible? Thanks
  3. Koro

    Support Can I sell SMM things on new Marketplace??

    I have many very interesting SMM things like Facebook followers, likes, shares Instagram followers, views YouTube likes, subs. And many etc . So can i sell something of this? Affiliatefix has TOS. Restricted items include (but not limited to) the buying, selling, or renting of affiliate...
  4. M

    My life history

    Hi Everyone, I've been struggled into CB-Clickbank affiliate last time since in 2003 usually some how itself was changed made me frustrated through their programs was not show above like a guides limited finally about this time, I already understand as clearly this year impossible why myself...
  5. Marc

    Suggestion Other Position for the User Report Thread?!

    I think the User Report Thread should be moved to another place. At the current position it always covered the latest news and threads in the News and Announcements Forum by the recently emerging spam. Maybe the Support and Feedback Forum would be a better home for the User Report Thread.