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  1. Mikeyboy

    ⭐Hi :) (Long post full of gold... )

    Hello Friendly Affiliate Forum :) I'm Mike from the UK. I've made good money in the past several years with CPA. None of which was made using the conventional "brainstorm angles, split test this, test that, then optimize constantly". Not shared my methods before but i want to start on the right...
  2. CPAbeast

    Networks for streaming movies

    Who knows specific networks that convert well with streaming movies (not adult)? How much do they pay?
  3. B

    Looking For Avengers movie promotion ??

    Hello ! As most of you know, the next Avengers movie is soon released, and it's gonna be B-I-G for at least 2 weeks !!! Anybody here who intend to promote a stream of this movie through sites or landing pages ??
  4. B

    Who believe in the Movie Niche ?

    Hello everyone ! Ad-center is thinking about improvement regarding the movie niche. What do you think about this niche ? Do you use or still work in this niche ? Give me your feedback, I will be interested to know more about your opinion ;) Love and chocolate :p
  5. leadinfo1980

    How i can use live Streaming and CPA Offers ?

    Hello, Any one Guide me on how to use live Streaming and CPA Offers ? Thanks
  6. D

    Announcement New Tool From Mgcash Media - Soundcloud Locker!

    Demo of Soundcloud Locker>>> If you want to join to us, contact me using details in signature!