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  1. AndroidPowerUser

    Partnership suggestion

    Hey guys, I have the opportunity to work as an affiliate at the start of a GPT site ( earndorado ) I was wondering where the best places to advertise for this kind of ( get - paid - to ) users. And also I am interested in a collaboration with someone who is already doing this. This network...
  2. carlasimmons86

    Is it east establishing a startup? What should i know?

    Hi, One of my main goals for the next year is to create a startup in digital solutions and services. So, if someone of you is already in the business, can you tell me what to expect, setbacks and fails that are going to be with me along the way.
  3. Amanda Larson

    New to the affiliate world

    Hi everyone! I'm new to the affiliate marketing world, but I've been in the marketing world for nearly a decade. I couldn't be more excited to start this new chapter. I'm launching my own affiliate marketing program for my software startup, Yala Social, so this journey is going to be two-fold...
  4. K

    Startups Fail

    Why 90% of Startups Fail?
  5. N

    Hey there! I am Nico Serdeir, from Failory

    Hey there! How are you doing? I am Nico Serdeir, co-founder of, a website where we weekly interview failed startups and learn from their mistakes.
  6. Roman71144

    I am a beginner marketer

    I am a beginner marketer to promote the project ( This online service is designed to check the validity of email addresses. The customer receives a quality check email addresses at an affordable price. From concurrency makes us different price, an individual approach to each the client...
  7. T

    Affiliate marketing resources and ideas for new startup

    We are a new small Software as a Service (cloud downloading and storage) startup with an in-house affiliate program. We offer only one product where customers can choose 1 month or 1 year of service. What are some of the latest and recommended resources, including AffiliateFix, that we can use...
  8. BKogan

    Advice needed: building an affiliate program for a startup

    Hi, guys, I run marketing for a startup. We make B2C multichannel communications widgets (like a better chat popup that also knows how to talk via SMS, VOIP call, Facebook Messenger, Skype, etc) and have a freemium plan. I'm building an affiliate program and have gotten us set up on Tapfiliate...