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    How to block people?

    I keep getting unwanted messages from people claiming to be from networks/traffic sources etc. Asking me to promote their service for money.It’s obviously fake considering they always have 0 posts and have joined around 10 mins ago. Always have bullshit names aswell. How do I block/remove them...
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    Promotional emails go into spam folder

    Hello all I have a question regarding affiliate links in email marketing. I am in the keto niche and have an email list of about 1500 subscribers. When I send a content email, my open rate is between 15-25% but when I send a mail with an affiliate link, the open rate is only 5-10%. i have...
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    Avoid to get in the spam box?

    Hi When i send out my newsletters the mail i get in my inbox end up in the spam box. I use a as a sender mail. Is there some other mail i can use or trix? How can i avoid this to happen? I have a open rate of 16 %, and wonder if this is a normal rate? Thanks Andrew