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  1. Steve Chong

    Hello All...

    Dear All, My name is Steve Chong. Look forward to providing more values to this community. Have a great day ahead! :) Thanks Best Regards Steve
  2. C

    Need good suggestion on PPC. (I got robbed)

    So, I used a guy off soloadmarket 2 times before. I spend $400 with him to scale up for the end of the year. Well i paid. And the domain link I sent him didn't get a single click.. With that being said... He's fired.. does anybody have any good recommendations for anybody on Udimi or other solo...
  3. Akintunde Felix

    RECOMMEND : Solo AD provider for Dating Offers

    Hello everyone, I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this. I would like to seek the users of solo ad to help by recommending a Reputable provider for Solo AD traffic for dating niches / offers Or if you have any suggestions about this, Feel free to share:):):)

    7Search vs. Bing Ads

    Hi, PPC is still new territory. I have build a medical blog with unique articles and a lead capture page. I've claimed hopeful results with solo ads -- but not many providers for my niche. Plenty of Fish ads proved disastrous -- $100+ wasted. 1 optin. My questions are: 1. Has 7search...