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  1. Mishuk

    what is the best Dating smartlink network?

    Hi, I'm searching a great dating smartlink network. I have all Geo's traffic. Please suggest me.Thanks
  2. Adriene

    Hi! I'm new & need opinions I have a rough idea but I'm not sure about...

    I'm so glad to have found this site! So guys, I'm going to dive in...I'm a beginner - no affiliate experience. I do have ecomm experience so its not too Niche: Adult / Explicit --> Cam site offers My plan: upload my vids and pics (I have a million selfies and vids - I'm a stripper...
  3. S

    CPA Smartlink yealnk

    hey guys , i was spying on cpa offers , i found this smartlink like in 60 - 80 % ads , its everywhere here is the smartlink domain name > yealnk '' com / afu.php can anyone please tell me what cpa network this smartlink belongs to thanks,
  4. Phill AdsBridge

    Announcement TOP converting verticals for our Smartlinks

    Let me represent you our TOP verticals with the highest conversions for the last week. Welcome verticals with their eCPM: 1) Dating - $173 2) Mobile Content Adult - $148 3) Adult Pills - $134 4) Diet & Weight Loss - $132 5) Cams - $75 Smartlinks in 8 the most popular and the most actual...
  5. tarmopro

    CPA SmartLinks

    Hello All Came across this forum. Very interesting subjects going around here related to online advertising. Myself I have been in affiliate / online advertising business for nearly 6 years. Based in Estonia, attending AWE in BCN soon. Dealing with installs, pops, push notifications. Selling...
  6. R

    Earn From Dating Smartlink Offers.

    UniqueCPA plays the leading smartlink technology. No complexity of multiple link. UniqueCPA provides single smartlink which allows SOI dating offer of No Pre-Landing. Country and device based high rate that easily cash your vault. IamNaughty, GetNaughty, BeNaughty are the trending offers of more...