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  1. Honeybadger

    Google nows supports shipping data schema

    Here's some interesting news if you run an online store and are looking for ways to stand out in search results to get more traffic/conversions Google just released its blog, announcing that it now provides schema mark-up support for shipping data to be shown in Google search results Official...
  2. L

    API for product shipping country

    Hello, I am using rehub theme with content egg (wordpress) and I'm trying to put affiliate links on my site only for specific chosen products, usually from Amazon. The most important thing is that these products I chose will ship to my country, otherwise my customers will clearly not make the...
  3. newbiefriendly

    Young and inexperienced affiliate needs a business partner

    Alright I know there's not much I can offer you as a newbie, but at least I think I deserve a hearing. My full name is Chimaobi Christian Okeke, I am a Nigerian, and I am sure NO ONE here knows me( not as if I am known here in Nigeria anyway). I have clicked half of my IM life away on...