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  1. Honeybadger

    Have You Tried Staged Posting for SEO?

    One SEO tactic I've been using lately is posting then re-publishing the same content, but in stages This tactic keeps Googlebot returning (via XML sitemap) and every time my content is re-indexed it gets a better algorithm ranking score Here's example --> Day 1, post product review with title...
  2. FreeTech2020

    How to write SEO Friendly article ?

    I have a website and i want to rank #1 in google but i try many time write article to rank and no result i get if any help to write the best article with SEO pleas help me Thank You
  3. IM_Newbie

    SEO For An Online Clothing Store

    Wondering how you guys optimize your category pages for SEO? Let´s take "Best Sellers" or "Collection" category pages for example. What would be your primary keyword to use for the page title? H1? On most of the sites I see when running a small Google search I see just "Best Sellers" or...