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  1. onebposhop

    SEO and business

    Why is SEO important to businesses
  2. Honeybadger

    Google SEO Podcast from May 6, 2022

    Always good to stay fresh on SEO
  3. onebposhop

    DA of the website

    How do I increase the DA of website using SEO?
  4. Honeybadger

    Have You Tried Staged Posting for SEO?

    One SEO tactic I've been using lately is posting then re-publishing the same content, but in stages This tactic keeps Googlebot returning (via XML sitemap) and every time my content is re-indexed it gets a better algorithm ranking score Here's example --> Day 1, post product review with title...
  5. IM_Newbie

    SEO For An Online Clothing Store

    Wondering how you guys optimize your category pages for SEO? Let´s take "Best Sellers" or "Collection" category pages for example. What would be your primary keyword to use for the page title? H1? On most of the sites I see when running a small Google search I see just "Best Sellers" or...