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  1. Make Money With CPA

    Ask Me Anything How Can i index Backlinks or social post URL?

    Hello guys! Does anyone know about how can index my backlinks? I m using GSA indexer, indexification, and other tools but my backlinks are not indexed? which tools should I use to index my backlinks quickly? which way to index my backlinks fast? if anyone knows about it so please guide me...
  2. neha web

    Digital marketing

    Is directory submission still effective for SEO?
  3. M

    keyword rank

    my team and I face an issue about keyword ranking on google actually we have a digital marketing website, age is 2 months but no one keyword rank on google's any page. we change our off-page strategy but still no result. if anyone has an idea about it please guide me
  4. Bob Tom

    A Concern about Backlink

    Hi, I have a concern about backlink. If an article can't be searched both on site and Google. * Is the article url a hidden url? * If we place a dofollow url in that article, does it good or harm for our SEO? Why? * Why would the site admin like to hide the url? What is the reason? Take...
  5. J

    Freelance SEO and Digital Marketing Specialist

    Hi, This is Judika, working as a freelance SEO and digital marketing specialist. I have been working from last 7 years as a SEO consultant. We are also a team of web designers and developers. I want to work on freelance SEO projects and make my client happy. Thanks
  6. A

    Google, ranking/ Targeted traffic Which one should prefer?

    Improvements to your SEO can help your ranking on Google Search by making your page more relevant to users. Search listings are free. Our site gets more traffic on high ranking. On the other hand social bookmarking, blog commenting, forum posting all of them also grow targeted traffic. So, which...
  7. S

    Marketing and seo expert

    Hi all im a marketing expert that manage several activities around the world. Mainly i work with the gambling industry to promote their products. With more than 10 years experience in the industry i link between affiliates and different online industries, as well as offering services to both...
  8. J

    SEO backlink checker

    well, some online SEO backlink checkers are okay, but would you recommend users to get this SEO backlink checker? , I've tested and confirmed it works great like ahref and majestic. Thanks.
  9. H

    What is PBN, What is the purpose and How to use them?

    What is PBN? I read people are using PBN to rank their Main Site? How it works?
  10. H


    Hi! My name is Haider and just like others, I am also a learner in the pool of SEO, SEM, Digital Marketing and Software Engineering.
  11. Alom1

    How to properly set backlinks?

    hey, Sorry if this question has been raised before. I am very new to SEO and looking to place backlins to enhance my off-page SEO. How to do that properly? Thanks A
  12. G

    Backlinks DoFollow/NoFollow Ratio

    i want to know that what should be the ratio of backlinks for blog, i mean to have good link profile in google's eye does it matter to keep 50-50 ratio of backlinks, if my blog has 50 backlinks so is it necessary that 25 should be dofollow and rest 25 should be nofollow ?
  13. B

    How can I increase PA and DA in one month?

    Hi, I'm newbie in SEO. One of my clients wants to increase PA and DA within one month. Please suggest me.
  14. M

    Which is the best paid tools for SEO Backlink

    Please tell me, Which is the best paid tools for SEO Backlink. And ranked my website with in 7 days, yahoo, bing, search engine.