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  1. VivaClicks

    Adult search traffic for sale by CPM

    Hi there! I'm ready to sell adult search traffic from porn tubes. - banner 300x100 / 300x250 - more than 200M page views per day - Webmoney, PayPal, Capitalist. - Min deposit $100 - Geo: India, USA, Indonesia, Vietnam. Would like to earn with your offers? Please contact with me by...
  2. B

    Pay Per Call Lead Gen

    Hello, my name is Blake and I work at HyperTarget Marketing. We are an affiliate network that specializes in pay per call lead generation. We currently work in multiple verticals and are always open to testing new offers out. If you are interested in receiving high quality calls from consumers...
  3. azgold

    Money Saving PPC Hacks

    Hartford Business recently had an article by Kate Gold that I found interesting. It offered six hacks for saving money in your PPC campaigns. Gold claims that most people run their campaigns wrong, most of the time and waste a lot of advertising money. To help correct that, she recommends the...
  4. M

    My Intro -

    Hi! Thanks for letting me in :). I'm working with a CPA marketing network, usually I'm more involved in managing the operations side, but I also assist with finding new talent. I've had some good results from LinkedIn, have just started promoting our network on Facebook and Twitter. I'm also a...
  5. rcchang

    Doubling Organic Search Traffic in 14 Days!

    Thought I would share this with the community - this is from a guest author on my site who somehow doubled his organic search traffic from 150 per day to 300 per day. He also managed to rank on page 29 where before he was ranking on page 66. A few quality backlinks should've pushed it to the...