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scale ads

  1. Niko8

    I have a profitable campaign, but i have a problem scaling it.

    I have profitable Finnish campaign, that is working with Pop-under traffic, but i cannot scale it, because most of the networks like popads, propellerads,adcash,clicksor does not have a lot of Finnish traffic. I tried to join ZeroPark, but they rejected my application. Is there any other network...
  2. rondellrandall

    How do you determine whether to kill or keep Facebook ads

    I'm a newbie to CPA marketing and i have a question about Facebook ads and CPA offers, When do you determine to kill or scale a CPA offer? Is it after $3 spent and no conversions? is it after 2-3 days and no conversions and CTR below 5%? Is it after 1 day with no conversions? HELP!!! I'm looking...