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  1. B

    Are there any working and simple ways to show feedback from GMB on site?

    I'm looking for a simple way to demonstrate an interactive feed with reviews from my GMB account on my website. I want it to be a clickable feed with star ratings and other elements. I've seen tons of third-party solutions, but not completely sure if it's safe to use them. Can anyone please give...
  2. S

    Hi Everyone

    Hi Guys, I am Shumail, new member of Affiliate Fix forum. I am working on my affiliate review-website "Reviews Truth". Hope i get some tips and suggestions for the success of my website. Thanks, Shumail
  3. Mangosix

    Why positive reviews are so important for an app?

    According to the research, nearly 73% people download an app according to the reviews and ratings of this app. If your app have many 4/5 stars, of course users like to download it. At the same time, in the Apple and Google ranking algorithm, reviews and ratings are also the important reference...