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  1. T

    New report

  2. Alex admitad

    Ask Me Anything the list of Top Online Purchases during Black Friday 2017.

    Good afternoon! I hope you are keeping well. Christmas & New Year Holidays 2017/2018 are coming soon and admitad is ready share analytics on global sales with data collected by our in-house platform. Not long time ago admitad issued the global report on Black Friday 2017. Today we are...
  3. Tusohian

    $585 from JVZoo Yesterday

    After the hard working, I can reached my milestone earning of $585 in a day from JVZoo affiliate network. Here is my screenshot of the earning report bellow. Now I really want to say that Yesterday is one of the lucky day for me :) NB : All the sales is come from Bing PPC via my landing page...