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  1. viktor_sch

    Is FB loyal to redirects?

    Hi FB gurus, I'd like to make my links more good looking so I'm looking into buying a domain and setting up redirects to my offers. Do you know if FB is OK to allow redirects? This gonna be 302 redirects. Thanks
  2. LarimarMedia

    Price comparison website with ecommerce offers

    First of all i just want to say hello for all of AM's on this forum. I can see this is incredible source of knowledge and experience in Affiliate Marketing world. So, hello! :) I've tried some time ago to join this elite group of marketers. Can't say i've succeded, can't say i failed - i think...
  3. Max123


    What is the use of affiliate redirection...? Does cloaking and redirection same thing? After redirection it redirects to another domain. Is it not raising the alarm? create-redirect-page