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  1. yasslife

    Seeking Help what redirection type to choose to keep my ranking on google ?

    Hey community, hope you're well! I use prettylinks plugin and I want to know what redirection type to choose to keep google ranking my post or page, there are a lot of redirection types: please what to choose to avoid "not indexed" in google search console thanks
  2. S

    CPA Smartlink yealnk

    hey guys , i was spying on cpa offers , i found this smartlink like in 60 - 80 % ads , its everywhere here is the smartlink domain name > yealnk '' com / afu.php can anyone please tell me what cpa network this smartlink belongs to thanks,
  3. Hugov

    Making money from your own Push subscribers

    Recently while looking through ad spy landing pages I've got an conclusion that nowadays most people gather their own subscribers for push notifications and send them their own made notifs. depending on user country and some other factors. This may be really great way of promoting for example...
  4. B

    Script for browser back button redirect

    I am looking for a script that will redirect a site visitor to a page that I set when they click the back button in their browser, instead of going to the page they were on previously. I searched the forum and web but couldn't find a working code. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  5. affiliatelk

    Ask Me Anything How to setup cloaker to running ads on facebook?

    Hi, Is there anyone can clearly explain me on, How can I setup cloaker and or tracker that supports file_get_contents() in PHP to show facebook bots the safepage, while showing real users the ‘money site’ all on the same URL ? Advice me which one is the cheap and best cloaker ? What is...
  6. shafi kasmani

    redirect com advertising which best cpa offer or affiliate offer?

    which best cpa offer or affiliate offer on redirect com? redirect com is direct domain pop and native ads and email pop ads! any guess for direct pop
  7. Z

    Affiliate To Share Knowledge/Tools with

    Hello, I was looking for an affiliate to share pop/Redirect knowledge and tooling with. Also Adult banner traffic focusing on Sweepstakes and Adult Dating. I am looking for someone to share Adplexity and other essential tooling accounts with. And to share ins and outs with will be at...
  8. Rishi Dutt Sharma

    Looking For Looking for USA?CA offers with Pop Up Redirect Traffic

    Hello, I am Looking for Pop Up Redirect Traffic. Have superbad experience with AdCash, AdSterra, PropellerAds, 7search lately because of superhigh bot traffic despite of putting a dense blacklist.
  9. shafi kasmani

    Any experience or Success on Redirect dot com?

    Today I deposited $25 and i promote adcombo and clickbank on! did you experience before?
  10. notoriouskrock

    SEO question when changing HTTP to HTTPS

    Quick question, When changing a site from HTTP to HTTPS, how does that affect your SEO? Is there an easy fix/change for all your internal and external links pointing to your website and pages? Do you have to manually go through every link on your website to make the change, and ask everyone...
  11. A

    What is Traffic Source Postback Url ?

    I'm trying to setup a tracking solution for me. In this case it's Trackingdesk When I'm trying to add a new traffic source traffic source it's asking me for postback url I know what is postback url. But i don't know how can i get traffic source postback url. Please gimme some example so i can...
  12. Elad Cohen

    Where can i buy Redirect Display Traffic for $0.3 CPM

    Hi Fixers! i am looking to buy Redirect display traffic for as low as i can get. my goal is ~$0.3 CPM for Mobile display does anybody know of a DSP or self served platform that enables and allows the above? (cheap mobile redirect) Best!
  13. Elad Cohen

    i'm looking for a Redirect traffic source?

    Hi! i am looking for a traffic source that offers "Redirect" technology. meaning, that the user is automatically directed to the app-store without clicking on the banner. any suggestions? Elad
  14. Enrico

    CPL - SOI campaign

    Hi guys, i'm interest in CPL - SOI campaign. I found one tipical offer "win an iphone", the payment is 1€/lead. This is my 2 ideas: - Open a FB page, buy some likes, post my "win an iphone" referral link and push it with FB ADV by selecting the right target (test,test,test). Push it of FB feed...