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  1. M

    Contact potential affiliate partner

    Hy guys :) I have a question relating to the recruiting process. What is the best way to contact potential affiliate partners? Should I communicate with them via E-mail, Facebook,...? Should I invit them to my networks I use as a merchant? Thank you for your help ;)
  2. A

    recruit publishers to network

    Hello friends! It is my first post here. I wanted to ask you, how do you recruit new publishers/affiliates in your network? I started affiliate network and now lookin for honest/good publishers to promote offers. I have offers from direct advertisers but have problem with not-competentive...
  3. Recroot

    New member and affiliate program

    Hello all, Recroot here; happy to be part of AffiliateFix and being connected to you. Recroot is a broker between your recruitment leads and recruitment agencies. We help activate your network to refer recruitment leads to us. In return we give you up to $5,000 to keep, share, or donate to...
  4. Guy Tal

    Guy Tal Relevant affiliate search

    What is's service? While trying to promote products and services on-line, vendors spend valuable hours trying to find relevant websites for their product. Using a regular search tool, each keyword provides tens on thousands of results, most of which are irrelevant for their needs. In...
  5. HelenVendo

    Passive vs active affiliates recruiting

    Soon I'm going to launch the e-shop. And I'm going to create an affiliate program for it. Of course one of the most important parts of holding the affiliate program is affiliates recruiting. So what strategy works better? 1. placing the affiliate program in various affiliate networks, placing...