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real estates

  1. 100kinvesting

    US Navy Veteran here. Any other vets, US or other?

    I'm a US Navy of OEF. I arrived at my 1st command in Japan on Sept 7, 2001. For a new guy, that was a very interesting time. I have been of 4 continents: Europe, North America, Australia, and Asia. My goal is to visit the other 3, sometime before I die. I saw a documentary, and there were...
  2. D

    Homeowners products

    Hi guys, I have seed audiences on facebook of US homeowners. I'm new to affiliation marketing, but familiar with the industry as i used to work as an affiliate manager for a company. I wonder what brands you know are a good fit for the vertical, direct-deals or through network...
  3. Fapohunda Olufemi John

    US Real Estate Traffics, any Paying Affiliate Network/programe

    Hey, As the subject implies, I recently got So much real estate lead/traffics and are sure converting. I did extensive email subscription for a different project which gave me this lead and they are hot. They are in thousands and they are even coming more. I want to monetize with high...