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  1. C

    Rackspace + Voluum

    Hello, I've been using Voluum with a VPS from Beyond Hosting and decided to start using a Rackspace CDN. I've followed a few different tutorials and everything seems correct, however, when testing out a Voluum campaign link, it says that the requested URL has not been found. If anyone has any...
  2. GrupoWayseer

    Hosting landing pages on Amazon AWS

    Hi im interested on hosting my CPA LP on Amazon AWS or Rackspace been the two most popular CDN hostings and on my opinion the best and fastest option to do CPA. been said that, i have a question when i read the features of this services they both said "NO PHP or JAVA Supported" this means i cant...
  3. krass

    How to set up cdn plus dns?

    I'm having trouble setting up my dns and cdn. Here's what I did for details hope you guys can help out: 1) Bought domain from namecheap 2) Change the dns to clouflare dns since they are the fastest dns 3) Added cnames to point to the rackspace container urls 4) Tested it and the dns doesn't...