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  1. windtraffic

    WindTraffic - Smart solution for advertising

    Wind Traffic is a self-service traffic network that brings publishers and advertisers together to achieve satisfactory results. Wind Traffic specializes in publisher tools to monetize your website traffic and deep targeting methods for advertisers to get the right traffic for your products. We...
  2. Honeybadger

    Ask Me Anything Can I earn $2,400 per month by Christmas?

    UPDATED JUNE 2022 for @OscarMike Plan create 1 x fashion affiliate website blog earn affiliate commission from fashion product banner ads website will focus on one type of product (could be sneakers!) target audience is English speakers in any country organic traffic from Google search engine...
  3. 50onredmike

    Collect Push Subscribers $ Get Paid

    I want to invite all of you to check out You can use our code to collect push subscribers as a publisher on all your HTTPS sites. This will give you the ability to be paid as a publisher as well as send push notifications to your own user base for free. Let me know if you have any...
  4. Abraham DiGiAff

    Affiliates Wanted Need IN-APP Traffics for "QuickThought,Dfndr,ALT Balaji" Mobile App Offers

    Huge budget available on our Direct "QuickThought, ALT Balaji, Dfndr" Mobile App Offers. Looking for Quality IN-APP Traffics on CPI/CPA Based. If you have please contact us : Signature attached.
  5. Abraham DiGiAff

    Buying Traffic Need IN-APP Traffics for QuickThought,Dfndr,ALT Balaji Mobile App Offers

    Huge budget available on our Direct "QuickThought, ALT Balaji, Dfndr" Mobile App Offers, Looking for Quality IN-APP Traffics on CPI/CPA Based. If you have please contact us : Signature attached.
  6. Evelyn

    xPreroll Is Now Available for All Publishers with TrafficStars

    Calling All Publishers: You can now use xPreroll to implement Video Pre-Rolls onto your website! xPreroll Is Now Available for All Publishers with TrafficStars! A joint development between xHamster & TrafficStars, the brand new technology allows publishers to be able to implement video...
  7. Performance Bay

    Buying Affiliate / Publisher Lists

    Hi, We are looking to buy lists of Affiliates & Publishers - but we will need to test out with a small batch to make sure they are current and relevant (such as - in which country they are in & etc.) Alternatively, we can setup a HasOffers referral URL for you- and you can contact them directly...
  8. affliliate_warrior

    Adwords conversion tracking for affiliate publishers

    Hi! I am an affiliate publisher with a PPC traffic website and I am searching for a universal way to track back real conversions on the website of an affiliate advertiser to my Adwords account. So let say I have a website about books. I advertise on the word 'book' and try to convert the...
  9. V

    6 Programmatic trends you need pay attention to

    Moving forward with your monetization strategies, take into account these trends emphasised by industry influencers at the Programmatic I/O Conference organised by AdExchanger: 1. digital media usage is driven by mobile apps ($53.4B will be spent on in-app ads by 2020) 2. most mobile RTB...
  10. V

    A story of mobile video advertising

    We started in 2008 as a video publisher, Viewster, showing millennials TV series and movies, untill we realised that we had more demand for advertising than we had ad opportunities available. In 2011 we started what’s today known as a publisher trading desk - what it meant was extending...
  11. V

    Affiliates Wanted Short connection to advertisers

    Who is looking to make more money? If the answer is no, I assume you are an expert, doing a great job, probably with millions in your bank account, sipping a Mai Tai on the beach of some exotic island - congrats for that! If that's not the case, however, we suggest you read further, to up your...
  12. V

    Are you unsuccessful in your efforts to monetize website traffic?

    Trusted by 12000 publishers, including big players like Viber and Luxia, video intelligence is a mobile video SSP, focused on facilitating publishers' shift towards video ads. What do we offer publishers? - Increased revenues through in-stream ad opportunities - Targeting users...