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  1. Ghid

    Personal presentation

    Hello everyone, My name is Mirko, and I'm pleased to be part of this community. I'm doing affiliate marketing since 2019, I tried a lot of affiliate network, product and strategies. My current strategy is promoting 1 lifetime-commission product (with different kind of traffic methods), which...
  2. Rafał Jasionowski

    Hey, I am Rafał, maker of business presentations

    Hey Affiliate Bros, I provide high quality presentations for businesses. Many companies don't know how to stand out from their competitors., so I want to showcase their purpose, history, accomplishments in a creative way and attract new customers to their products or services, but I am not...
  3. M


    Hello ! I have worked in digital marketing a couple of years, especially in affiliate marketing, i am here to share my knowledge and to learn with this community, being an entrepreneur we never stop to learn with other people. Thanks You
  4. Avon

    I'm a new entry

    Hello every one, my name is Alida and I'm an Italian mommy. I'm very happy to enter in this community. I started with affiliations recently and I hope to be able to specialize in Healty CPA campaigns as soon as possible. Good day to all
  5. foxtrot94

    Newbie from Spain

    Hi there, I'm starting with everything related to the marketing online and affiliate world. As all the newcomers I'm full of questions, but, before screw up I'm gonna read as much as I can in this forum (I'm not even sure that I can use the term "screw up" in this context, sorry if not) :P...
  6. M


    Hola, soy nuevo en el foro, he aprendido acerca de esta página por casualidad, espero Eso esta página trae cosas buenas, así como cooperar en todo lo que es beneficioso para el foro.
  7. pelotero


    Joined some weeks ago to learn from all of you. That's it. :-)
  8. Simone

    Hi guys!

    Hi, i'm an italian Full stack developer with 10 year of experience on different field. My development field are: iOS and Android Application Front end Back end ... and much more. One years ago a friend tell me about Affiliation Marketing and i started to study and do some money on this...
  9. BlogsPopuli

    Hi everyone!

    Hello! I'm an spanish man, so, first of all, excuse my english writting :P I discovered this place while looking for some interesting information about affiliate programs in Google and found tons of it in this place. I'm here to learn as much as possible about how to increase my blogs...
  10. Blackfox62

    Hello world

    Hi guys! I'm a communication student fascinated by online marketing. I'm really interested in CPA, ready to learn/share tons of stuff on these forums. See you soon online :) Blackfox