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  1. Vita Bazan

    Offer Wanted How Can I Find The Direct Advertiser To Promote The Product On Pay Per Install Basis.?

    Hello AFFILIATE FIXERs i am looking for direct advertiser , who wants to promote the virtual product world wide on PPi basis ... Is there anyone who an help me Out.
  2. Ronald Dean

    Buying Traffic Affiliate program for File sharing and MP3 websites

    Ad Geyser is the mobile Affiliate program for Android App, Games, Music download Websites. We are serving over 100 million active users worldwide per month and provide a direct demand by means of direct download links. We pay on CPM, CPI/PPI basis, and invite direct publishers, affiliates and...
  3. Ronald Dean

    Buying Traffic CPI/PPI APK Affiliate Program (direct)

    Hello, I'm inviting to join AdGeyser affiliate program - Ad Geyser As an affiliate, you will promote our Ads for Android by means of banners, popups or direct links. By doing so you will earn up to 75% commission. And at the end of a month, you can request for a payout and have your money...
  4. Rishi Dutt Sharma

    Hello from Rishi

    I am Rishi Dutt Sharma , Indian . Have 9 years of experience in digital marketing . known for getting the work done on desired budgets. my skype id is rishi5885. You can contact me for Software and Website development , lead generation , digital marketing and pretty much anything related to SME...
  5. C

    [journey]TO instagram From RUSSIA <3

    Hello fellow marketers, so it has been a while since instagram has got my attention, but i am not one of those people who would just dive in and see what would happen. No. I have been lurking , and silently preparing for this day. So, long story short i want to brag about my success to you. I...
  6. redwingz

    Help with incentive

    Hello I have some questions about incentive offers and traffic. 1. What are the best networks for traffic to incentive offers such as mobile games and app downloads? 2. Do you still need landing pages with cost per install(CPI) ? 3. Why is there still a conversion rate when you buy PPI,PPD...
  7. juzlee

    How to prevent Chrome from blocking your PPI Installers

    Hello. Im using this technique for a long time and decided to share because it would really be helpful for anyone using PPI as their money maker. Basically, What we want to do is when the user click a button on your VB app the PPI installer will automatically open because your PPI installer is...
  8. businessxcr

    Selling ( PPI ) Golden Niche + Perfect video + Perfect Website ( PPI )

    Hello guys I found a golden niche that will really make you a bank.. my video is in the 11th page and i made $3 from it. You nearly get a conversion per click. it has a video which is perfectly made. one of the best quality videos you will find. and a website which is HTML 5 animated website...