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postback tracking

  1. tbe2077

    How do you setup postback for affiliates?

    Hi there, I have an in-house affiliate program that is running right now. When new affiliates sign up for my affiliate program. They are asking Postback from me. How do I give it to them? I'm using iDevAffiliate system for the affiliate management system. Even if I want to integrate with...
  2. Emmawantstolearn

    S2S Postback Settings

    Good Morning Everyone! I'm a little confused as to how to establish S2S Postback. My question is: 1) Do I have to establish S2S Postbacks between: a) between the CPA Network & Tracker? Or b) Between CPA Network & Ad Network? Or c) Between Tracker & Ad Network? This is getting...
  3. funkywithans

    PlugRush: How To Use Postback URL

    Hello all, I wanted to promote an offer with PlugRush, but I think their offices are closed right now so I can't get an answer from them until tomorrow. How do I use the postback URL conversion tracking for PlugRush? Specifically for MaxBounty? If anyone knows or even better, uses these 2...
  4. Nuwan Senanayake

    Postback url

    im promoting a cpa offer in mobidea network, want to configure postback url in bemob tracking platform. Who can assist with me that?
  5. R

    Outbrain Tracking Parameters and S2S Postback

    Hello, Can anyone please confirm for me the tracking parameters for Outbrain? Is what I have in the attached image correct? Also, is S2S postback possible with Outbrain? I am using voluum as my tracker. Thank you!
  6. R

    S2S tracking for tracking calls

    Dear friends, does anyone know about a solution for tracking calls with the help of s2s (postback) tracking on banner ads / offerwalls? So, when call is started / finished a postback is fired... Thanks! Richard
  7. Newbidder TRK

    Ask Me Anything [TIP] How to find the postback url in Popads and integrate with newbidder

    Lots of affiliates always start with pop campaign and the is always the best choice to test offer cuz it 's have lots of pop traffic in India and thailand. But still hard to find where is the postback url when they setup the postback with newbidder tracking. here I can give you the...
  8. Z

    Postback Tracking with Pre landers

    Hi, I need your help with postback implementation. I got regular postback link that I implement on my network platform. the thing is that I want to use Pre Landers between my Native ad and the LP where the user filling his details. what I want to understand is if there any option to use...
  9. Z


    Please, what is a Postback URL, and what does it do. Also. How can I go about getting one. Thanks
  10. Elad Cohen

    How to setup Voluum (how to plug in the Tokens on the postback URL)

    Hi, i am having really hard time understanding how to implement the postback url. how do i know what Tokens to replace when i plug-in the URL on the affiliate network platform? could you find any good tutorial about "how to replace tokens"? Best, Elad