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  1. GDFSilva

    What the currently best AI blog creator

    We're going through an industrial revolution, as anyone here should known! in such way that a work done by 4, 5 professionals, can be done by one, in the same amount of time, with a good cooperation of AI Is anyone here have a good opinion of good blog platforms that are good for affiliate...
  2. ABZIN

    platform Israeli

    Hello everyone, I'm new to Digital Marketing, but I was very curious about an ad I saw on the internet, where a guy kind of talked "There is an Israeli Platform that displays its ads on websites with billions of daily views for an absurdly cheap cost per click" Has anyone heard of this...
  3. Louie V

    Review CleverReach - Matt Smith

    Hey for all you e-mailers out there just wanted to let everyone here know that Matt has been nothing but helpful since I found him here on AffiliateFix. Do yourself a favor if you are looking for a good emailing platform. Find him...get a hold of him and the rest will take care of itself. -...
  4. Ralf Chen

    Hello affiliate world

    My name is Ralf, feel free to contact me. I have 4 years experience in mobile advertising and CPA networking.
  5. Dustin Howes

    Preferred MLM software

    Looking for an MLM platform with infinite levels. I want the publisher perspective on which software is most user friendly. What network/platform do you like to use?
  6. 100kinvesting

    For affiliate managers: Plug-ins or Platforms? Why?

    Hi, everyone. I'm just wanting some feedback. Do you use an affiliate plug-in (like for a Word Press Site), or a Platform (like Share A Sale)? Why do you use what you use? If you started with a Free Plug-in, did you upgrade to a paid version of the Plug-in, or upgrade to a full platform...
  7. Helen Wingoads


    “Traffic package” option will make your advertising activity more comfortable and easier! Four packages are already available at Wingoads! There are different aspects according to which you can select the best one – Device, Quantity, Cycle, CPM and Cost. Also, variable categories are...
  8. Helen Wingoads

    Selling Traffic WINGOADS SMART DEAL get 15$ bonus!

    Advertisers, check out our latest offer, deposit your first minimum 50$ payment and get 15$ bonus! Attention: you will get a bonus only in case you send us a promo code “Summer15”. Hurry up to get your bonus in August 2017 and enjoy cooperation with Wingoads. We are happy to work for you...
  9. Reza Rifai

    City Ads - CPA Introductions

    Hello - Very warmth greetings from City Ads, Kindly introduce, I am Reza that has been assigned from City Ads - the global technology platform for online performance marketing powered by big data! to reach you due to offer as City Ads premium publisher networks program, of course with CPA Model...
  10. Helen Wingoads

    Affiliates Wanted Run your successful campaign with Wingoads

    Wingoads mobile Ad Network. We offer supply and demand for mobile inventory. Please sign up to and Our managers will help you to optimize your campaign.
  11. S

    Tracking system= CAKE Aff Track HasOffeers

    Hey guys!! Which tracking system are you using? Just f@cked up with AffTrack. Any useful suggestions? Thank you in advance!
  12. toledotoledo

    Hi folks! Greetings from Adzol Media, and myself

    Hi AffiliateFix community, Been lurking for a while, thought it would be time to get into it and be an active member! I'm here both as representative of Adzol Media, as well as by my own accord. Been working with mobile app markets and platform development for a long while now, so I'll be...