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  1. R

    Seeking Help How to delete pixel\dataset, shared via Graph API

    Hey everyone-) I am using Graph API to share my datasets and pixels from BM to other ad accounts and now I need to revoke permissions to my pixel for ad acc, but I don't know how. In case I am using API for sharing - there is nothing in Connected Assets and Partnets in BM settings for shared...
  2. C

    I am absolutely desperate! PLEASE HELP!

    I am doing the "Affiliate Millionaire" course and it has been great so far. I got all the way up to the point where I post my ad but I can't because my Facebook pixel is not firing on the clickbank checkout/confirmation page. I did everything to a T, I put in the "access token" and the pixel...
  3. Honeybadger

    What does it mean 'to fire a tracking pixel'?

    Reading about trackers as some of my earning should be higher Came to 'fire a tracking pixel' There's no definition
  4. R

    FB Optimization Question

    Hello, Do you guys have any sort of thumbrule for when you'd give up on a given offer? I'm running a $20 CPA offer right now on FB and have just 2 conversions so far on almost $300 spent.. Just curious as to when you really decide to move on to another offer. Thank you!
  5. B

    Tracking Pixel Setup HELP !!!

    Hello Guyes well i'm using a Cpagrip offer and promoting it using & the tracking software is adsbridge , the problem is that i set up my tracking links but i got a conversion wich wasn't post on my adsbridge status !! here is what i want i want you to give the steps from 0 on how to...
  6. Snoopp

    What is based Facebook PIXEL on?

    I have Facebook Ad and it's working well with Precise targeting (phase 1). My pixel learned something already... so I am going to "phase 2" and make BROAD interest targeting for the same product (but now my pixel has some knowledge from Phase1). Q: On what BASIS facebook Pixel will know that I...
  7. Snoopp

    Conversion attribution (Facebook vs Email)

    User comes to my site through the Facebook Ads and make no sale BUT the next day he comes back to my site through E-mail and make a purchase... Question: Will Facebook attribute this conversion to their activities and it will be visible in Facebook Reports?
  8. Snoopp

    Adding Pixel to Landing Page

    Please could you correct me if I'm wrong? :ninja: My little sales funnel looks like that: Landing Page (different domain) -> Product Page (Shopify shop) -> Add to Cart -> Thank You Page If I want Facebook to optimize campaigns for Content View event should I add Content View Pixel to my...