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  1. Claire Harbour

    Review Free Adobe Illustrator alternative

    Figma is a fantastic vector design application. It's a browser-based app (desktop versions are available) that allows team-based collaboration. It's a brilliant free alternative to Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop. Check it out here: Some quick benefits: Can create banners...
  2. Leming

    Hi there, Buddies! ;]

    Hello guys! Glad to join community! I've provide design, html and photo-retouching services since 1998. See ya! ;)
  3. 2

    Landing Page

    Hey so I don't know how to code and i want to create some good landing pages, the services what are available to create landing pages are average but it still limits my creativity. I want to design my landing pages then send them off to get them coded, when I have more time i will try to learn...
  4. chodelka

    Hiring Great copywriter needed!

    Hi ! I am looking for a great copywriter who will do reviews of products (herbal supplements). We can even become partners and work on this together. I am looking for someone from the US who can receive the product and make a great review including pictures and (if possible) video. I have...