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payment processor

  1. bolsapayments

    High Risk Payment Processing - Nutra, Gadgets, Delta 8, CBD

    Bolsa Payments We offer seamless solutions for a variety of merchants. From retail to e-commerce, startups to specialized verticals, we develop payment offerings based on merchant needs. Specialized Verticals, From affiliate marketing to CBD, Low Risk, high Risk. POS Solutions Credit Card...
  2. clickman

    Looking for traffic and affiliates!

    Hi Everybody, I'm new to AffFix - I manage several different products through my own Aff/Processing Platform and I'm always looking for great new traffic ideas and Affiliates to work with. I'm aggressive on commissions, so drop me a line if you want to make some extra $$$$$!
  3. Bloody Tourist

    Which payment processor for my new service?

    Guys, I have my own service that I want to sell. It's a design/coding service for small businesses. And it requires a recurring payment (credit card) each year. Now I'm looking for a payment processor to handle the orders. Flow is like this: Landing page > email submit > order form > redirect...