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  1. Vita Bazan

    Offer Wanted How Can I Find The Direct Advertiser To Promote The Product On Pay Per Install Basis.?

    Hello AFFILIATE FIXERs i am looking for direct advertiser , who wants to promote the virtual product world wide on PPi basis ... Is there anyone who an help me Out.
  2. Benjamin Pages

    A New Kid on the Block - Mobile Performance Marketing

    Hey Gals and Lads! Benjamin here. Glad to be part of the forum and hope I can serve as many of you as imaginably possible. I'm in the affiliate marketing business and help advertisers and publishers alike turn mobile traffic to big bucks. I'll be following the forum closely and helping out...
  3. Fapohunda Olufemi John

    Affiliates Wanted | Pay Per Install | Any CPI/PPI offer in Jobs, Finnance, crowdfunding apps?

    Hey guys, I have an international traffic (west African) i desire to monetize and i need an android to be precise PPI in either Jobs, Finnance. Please if you are a PPI network/programe or you are in a network that you know has this, please let me know as fast as possible. I have got my terms...
  4. Fapohunda Olufemi John

    | Pay Per Install | Any CPI/PPI offer in Android VPN?

    I have Been looking inward and see how to grab opportunities around me or rather how to turn simile problems around me to an opportunity. I live in a country where internet subscription is still a bit on the high side, and in some time past some Android VPN like Psiphone, Netify, Simple Server...
  5. C

    Paying affiliates

    Hey all! I'm having some trouble figuring out how exactly to pay out affiliates. I am signing up for an affiliate network soon, and will be promoting our campaign through there. We are promoting our new software. We develop software that collects user data, and requires users to install a...
  6. durango

    Any Affiliate network that pay per app install?

    Hello, Do you know any affiliate network that offer any pay-per-app install? For example they bring offers to install apps on Android or iOS? Thansk