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  1. SwellStream

    Need Your Opinion About Webinar Software Features

    Hey guys! We are slowly developing a webinar software and to make sure this is something that people will use, I have a quick question: What's something that other webinar tools aren't getting right or lacking at the moment?
  2. Ana_AdCombo

    Open Dialogue

    Hey, guys! :) My name is Anastasia and I'm Affiliate Manager in AdCombo. We are already familiar with some of you ;) So, as you know in our job it is really important to be in touch with our affiliates and have feedback from them. That's why I decided to create a new project with you. I plan to...
  3. TomatoSoup

    Influence marketing. Do you work with opinion leaders?

    Hi, affiliatefix world. I've got task - to find opinion leaders which will romote essay writing services. I've sent over 50 emails to Youtube bloggers and received just 4 replies. Where I can found influencers and common people with high engagement rate accounts in Youtube, Twitter, Instagram...
  4. C

    Keep Motivated

    How do you guys keep motivated? My business is up and running and it seems like now that the excitement is gone - I feel less motivated. I really need advice on what my partners and I can do to get that momentum up again!! THNX
  5. Z

    Opinion Wanted!

    Hi everybody! What are your most favourite + least favourite things about tracking softwares (any of them)? What expectations do they meet/not meet? What features do you like/dislike? What should be added? Your input would be most appreciated! -Zach