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  1. PaidPoints

    The Online World And The Offline World. Are They Similar? What's The Difference?

    Some people take the online world as different from the offline world. They think the online world is not as real as the offline world. They do not believe that any serious business, income could come out of the online world. My mum for example thinks this way. While I do understand them...
  2. PaidPoints

    Online Or Offline - Where Is More Money?

    A lot of people have this conception that online is not the real world and offline is the real world. But I know a lot of people that make more money online than offline, in fact, work full time online. But some people say that online jobs are not real jobs. Also it is the same humans that...
  3. Akeentech

    $20 Investment

    Can you guys please suggest any profitable investment you can start with $20 may be online or offline that would bring ROI thanks. If you have any or you know how l can make at least $20 a day you can reach me on Skype @ awoo01 please no scam.
  4. Daniel Gauci

    Lead Generation & offline to online Skills

    Hey guys, seems to be the right place for this, is a sort of guide, enjoy! A short insight about lead generation and how I became successful with it and how I can transfer these skills to Internet and Affiliate Marketing. I had started my career in sales and marketing at quite an early age...
  5. A

    I'm going to change everything

    Place to reflection... First of all - why I'm here. Not for you. I don't care about does it really have readers or not. I'm here for myself. I just need the place where I can be myself without any kind of judges and any guys who knows me. So, first of all - why I'm here. I'm here because I...