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offer wanted

  1. H

    Offer Wanted Audience: small business owners, GEO: worldwide, Desktop

    Hey, I'm looking for some offers which Meet the needs of small business owners, like small business software, digital marketing tools..... Example: constantcontact *com/global/partners/affiliate Thank you for your time
  2. Tucker609

    Network Wanted Any network with Adult CPA offers for India?

    Is there any CPA Network which have some good Adult offers for Indian Traffic ? I would appreciate if i could get CPL . Let me know :) I ill be waiting :)
  3. Tucker609

    Looking for CPL dating offer who pays weekly

    Hello there , I am looking for a networks with SOI dating offers and pays weekly . I can drive good amount of Tier1 traffic and hope to get good conversion . Help me to find one. I think this would be the perfect place to look for. Thanks in Advance .
  4. Tucker609

    I am looking for a Network who has Cam Offers SOI and Pays weekly .

    Hello there , I have already posted but i think i have missed something to describe , that's why posting again . I am actually looking for CAM Offer > SOI > Pay Out Threshold 100$ > Pays weekly .If anyone can suggest a network I will be really grateful . I have good amount of Tier 1 traffic ...