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new to affiliate marketing

  1. BrianP66

    Just starting out

    Hi everyone I'm Brian. I'm just starting out in the affiliate marketing arena. I've been building a store since October and had intended to use it for dropshipping products but I would prefer to recommend products that I am familiar with than sell people stuff I've never used or seen with...
  2. RogerR.

    Nice to find this site

    Hello everyone I'm so glad I found this site I been trying to find something like this finally I'm a newbie to affiliate marketing and this will help me , I hope...
  3. P

    Hello! I'm new to Affiliate/CPA Marketing. Here is my Ride along.

    Day 5: I realize I get the general theory behind Affiliate and CPA Marketing, but I don't really know what to do. That being said, I've got to learn through action so I'll keep moving forward. So far, I've taken three action steps. First I applied to AD Combo and I got approved. It's kind of...