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  1. Pages of Taylor

    Excited New Learner

    Hello all. My name is Taylor and I am very excited to be here to learn and interact with people of the same interests. I have heard and seen great things about this forum and am willing to work hard to be apart of the affiliate and CPA community .
  2. Jed22

    Greetings From South Africa

    Hey everyone, So glad to have found this forum! I have been on my online marketing journey the past 4 years, originally beginning with SEO and then I started a marketing agency working with local businesses which I currently do full time. Recently I have dived into affiliate marketing, I like...
  3. Tizzers

    Hello, Hallo, Hiya!

    Hi, My name is Tasha and I'm a current student of Igor Kheifets. I am doing what he is telling me to do in his Elite Traffic Pro 2.0 program, so I am reaching out! I'm here to promote the following programs and I'm looking for long term relationships with a CPA network! The One Funnel Away...
  4. Shela star

    Thank you for approval of my account in few hours

    Hi guys im shela im cam model also im started webmaster or affiliate members on many sites thanks in advance or sorry for my bed English
  5. CodeSAH


    Hi everyone. My name is Charmaine, I am from South Africa and I am so totally new to forums! Any advice and how to's would really be welcome! Hope you all have a wonderful day!
  6. C

    Hi Guys

    New here looking forward to learning from everyone.
  7. obajoey

    Hello Community, I'm New

    Hello everyone, It is an honour to be part of this forum, I hope to learn a lot from the community and also pass some knowledge too. I am into affiliate marketing, but I have not been making sales, I hope to learn from those who were sometimes in this same situation but now better off. Thank...
  8. LeOdArkZ

    Which ad network should I try as a newbie

    Hi, I'm new to internet marketing and I was sorting out stuffs one by one. Now I'm stuck on which ad network should I choose. There are so many like Facebook, Bing, Exoclick etc. I've seen people crushing it with fb. But fb requires a fan page kinda thing and if the page is not that good idk if...
  9. Kumar Rahul

    Good day all! New member here!

    Hi, Thank you very much for letting me in this amazing community. I hope to learn new things and I will always try to help others as much as I can. I am a computer science graduate from India and I love trekking and travelling. Cheers and happy earning.
  10. Nangukads

    I am Nangukads

    From Tanzania , East africa a new user
  11. Eddie Tiong

    Excited to Join AffiliateFix

    Hi all, I am new to join affiliatefix. Nice to meet you all here. and Lets rock it in affiliate marketing.
  12. JesseG-Host

    Newbie seeking advice and networking!

    Hello Affiliates! I'm Jesse and brand new to the forum. I haven't even started affiliate marketing, but am wanting to learn all I can about the industry. I stumbled into a sales job with a world class data center-Cybercon, which has a great affiliate program paying awesome 50% commissions CSA...
  13. M

    Okay so I'm the Newbie!

    Hello! I'm glad to be here. Please don't be strangers! :)
  14. seoawais


    hello everybody i am new here so please guide me help me and introduce me and yourself.
  15. jzarate

    Just Starting Back Up Again

    Hey Guys, My name is John, I used to have 2 websites before but I stopped doing internet marketing because I was in college and didn't have the drive to do anything with them. But I'm coming back and are wanting to connect with as many people as possible and see what I can truly do. Any advice...
  16. Aaqib Javed

    about me

    I am Aaqib Javed.I'm new here .so please guide me.