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  1. A

    How to attract Affiliates to Your Offer or Product?

    Hello All, I am starting a business that will be soon listed on Clickbank however what is the process of finding and gaining affiliates to join your company and help promote your product(s). In other words, where can I find affiliates located on other forums and what places should I promote my...
  2. Lucas Bolpato

    I search for news in digital marketing

    I would like to know about news in the world of marketing, I have been involved in this medium since 2015 and I know moderately new subjects in this medium. Anyway, I would like to go deeper because I hear that digital marketing abroad is about 10 years ahead compared to Brazil, so I want to see...
  3. smurph

    Hello from Charleston, SC

    Hey everyone - nice to virtually meet you. My name is Steve and while I'm not new to digital marketing, I am new to affiliate marketing. I work in an eCommerce agency in my day job and always happy to chat about an eCom questions you may have. I'm starting an online training/membership...
  4. C

    Keep Motivated

    How do you guys keep motivated? My business is up and running and it seems like now that the excitement is gone - I feel less motivated. I really need advice on what my partners and I can do to get that momentum up again!! THNX