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network tracking

  1. dontbejello

    Newbie just got behind the wheel.

    Hello Everyone, follow me on my journey, please! I swear with all the research I have done to get back into marketing. I still feel dumb as hell... So this is what I know as a whole ✔Offers. ✔ Niches, ✔Keyword search. Longtails ✔Seo one week of research on that. Talk about a waste of time on...
  2. thproductbikm

    URL Scraper for bing ads

    hi what's URL Scraper how I can use url scaper with bing ads plz give me more explain and thank you
  3. Tareq Mahmud

    Newbie Tareq is here

    Good day every one. Salute to all members. Special thanks to contributors regarding this page. I am working with CPA from last month. I really need help regarding my dating CPA offer. I have in trouble in traffic related issue. Also in search of good and reliable affiliate network. Thanks to...

    Incent Traffic and How to Make it Work

    There are basically three types of incent traffic that exist both on desktop and mobile 1. Virtual currency - the user gets virtual currency, usually in a game, so that he can advance in the game faster in exchange for engaging with an ad (installing app, subscribing CPL, or making a sale). The...
  5. R

    Hey, here comes Ryan from Offerslook

    Hey folks, Great meeting you all on AffiliateFix. I'm Ryan from Offerslook, and in charge of sales & marketing. Briefly speaking, Offerslook is a tracking platform for affiliate networks/ ad networks. We aim to provide a powerful and cost-effective tracking platform for the network industry...