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  1. windtraffic

    WindTraffic - Smart solution for advertising

    Wind Traffic is a self-service traffic network that brings publishers and advertisers together to achieve satisfactory results. Wind Traffic specializes in publisher tools to monetize your website traffic and deep targeting methods for advertisers to get the right traffic for your products. We...
  2. B

    Optimizing or increasing your traffic sources

    Hey Padawan ! Here are some other tips (to understand the Force) on how you can optimize your placements: Target the right traffic with the right banner Test your site on every browser Check out the newest products Here are some tips on increasing your traffic: Avoid download offers and red...
  3. B

    5 Basic Must-Haves to be successful !

    Hello young padawan, You know how people judge books by their cover? The same principle applies to websites. A nice design and a functional website means quality content that visitors can trust. More trust = more revenue ($$$). Logo: a logo is a representation of who you are. It goes...
  4. V

    Affiliates Wanted Short connection to advertisers

    Who is looking to make more money? If the answer is no, I assume you are an expert, doing a great job, probably with millions in your bank account, sipping a Mai Tai on the beach of some exotic island - congrats for that! If that's not the case, however, we suggest you read further, to up your...