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  1. Phill AdsBridge

    AdsBridge+MegaPush=trusted relationships!

    Recently we added the new traffic source, on our trusted templates! Being a user of, you may get a 25% off on AdsBridge tracker! Use promocode - MegaPush25. Soon we will update you with the detailed users guide about how to set campaign with
  2. RealFire Delivered almost 80% False Traffic!!

    Hi Guys, Got an issue with my campaign on megapush. I created a campaign, targeting mobile users from United States. After maybe 2-3 days, I checked the campaign on my tracker. I'm shocked!! most of traffics and leads came from outside US !!!! Crazy!! So, I paid $$$ for false...
  3. micoangelo

    POLL: Is Megapush S******g Affiliates? WARNING: Please read this before using

    WARNING: Read this BEFORE you buy media from Megapush ( for your push traffic needs Hey Fixers! I made a tiny test campaign today, set at a $13 budget. Seems like it should be manageable, no? Got approved, smooth sailing thus far, so I grabbed a quick bite for lunch. Came back and...
  4. S

    Push Notifications + Affiliate offers

    Hey guys, I`m doing digital advertising on a business level, and we recently discovered Push Notifications as a source of traffic that works very well. We are working with MegaPush and RichPush atm. My questions is, or more of a request for starting advice, on how to use the Push traffic for...
  5. chervenkov

    How to spying push notifications

    Because there is no separated secrins about this type of traffic I will post it here: What I found last days: there is a method to spy on push notifications already. For now you can spy only network, but I'm sure soon they will add more networks. Here you (referral link) will...