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  1. Lana Kova

    Selling Traffic [Selling] A lot of Push Notifications traffic available.

    And by lot... We mean... A LOT. Hello there. Seeking for new Push traffic sources? Clickadu has a list of TOP-badass countries for Push Notification CPC traffic available: India - 590M Daily Impressions - $0,001 CPC VietNam - 133M Daily Impressions - $0,004 CPC France - 53M Daily Impressions...
  2. NetCrafter$

    Please help! need to increase activity!

    Hi guys! (sorry for my english, I hope it won't be that bad).. I'm new here and need your help!! o_O I usually promote bizops offers and it works great but wanted to try more to increase rev. last week I started to promote this movie subscription offer, at first I had doubts but decided to try...