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  1. Matuloo

    Ask Me Anything Almost 20 years in the AM game ... ask away :)

    Hello guys! Last month I held the expert week here on AffiliateFix, check it here in the archives : Gold - Affiliate Expert Week Archives. Since the feedback I got was pretty much all positive, I decided to spend some more time here on the forum again and started an "AMA" thread. For a quick...
  2. azgold

    Small Niche Sites

    Hi, Matej: I know you used to have a network of small niche sites for passive income. Is that something you'd recommend now, especially after all of Google's algo changes? Also, for monetizing, would promoting a ClickBank product (or similar idea) be a better idea than AdSense? Thanks!
  3. T J Tutor

    The Lazy Factor

    I was happy to see you point out, in your content, some failures resulting from laziness. It is a constant issue in this industry among those just starting out especially. We here at AffiliateFix always stress the importance of being as structured as possible with business and this includes...
  4. T J Tutor

    Recommended Primary Focus In 2017 For Skilled Marketers

    As we all know, the landscape of our business is ever changing with regulations, advertisers needs, battling fraud, and increasing competition. For those of us with some skin in the game and some years of experience with a stable business model, where do you recommend we place the majority of...
  5. T J Tutor

    When SEO Was Hot and Easy

    "When SEO Was Hot & Easy" is a statement you made regarding earning from the net in your earlier years. Is there still a place for SEO in your current business model? If so, do you find it only useful for your niche sites?
  6. T J Tutor

    Running Your Own Sites

    I noticed in your "About" page that you have some niche sites for passive income. For these types of sites, do you prefer to go advertiser direct to fill your ad space or do you prefer to use offers from the networks? And do you find that the advertisers are more open to direct relationships...