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  1. A

    How I advertise my 19+ business online

    I've worked with several adult marketing agencies and also did Google and Meta Ads by myself. In fact, ROI sucks. I'll tell you some tips which benefit me. 1) X or Reddit ads. Yes, they have a violation policy but you can put your ads not crossing the line. 2) Community, yes I know it's quite...
  2. M

    Seeking Help Offer domains virus allerts

    Hello I'm running couple campaigns on RedTrack and they are getting rejected on ad network, propeller ads because of virus allerts of domain How can i fix that? Anyone had this problem?
  3. GGpro16

    Choosing a product

    When starting in affiliate marketing is it better to promote one product until you get results or to promote several at products at the same time?
  4. Susan

    Lite Ad Server - meets all your ad serving needs!!!

    Hi All! Do you have your ads under the control? Minimize your time and maximize your revenue. Let me introduce you to our amazed Lite Ad Server. It`s a great advertising platform designed for ease of use, it is fast, scalable and efficient and covering the most important advertising needs like...
  5. I

    Any FREE affiliate program for promoting my products?

    Hi, I have some products in a website and I want to hire affiliates for that. I contacted clickbank and they say that in order to hire affiliates for my product, I first have to get a site and get a thank you page and pay like 49$ to clickbank. But as of now, I am a struggler in online and...